Yokohama Tire Reviews

Yokohama is a world-renowned Japanese company known for its high-quality tires for cars, trucks and even motorsports. The company has been in business since 1917, and their tires are used all over the world.

The tires that Yokohama produce are the product of endless innovation and the latest technology. Here are just a few of the technological advancements powering Yokohama tires:

  • Variable pitch tread patterns that minimize the tread noise
  • Optimized tread profiles for fuel efficiency and an overall longer tread life
  • Specially designed and formulated tread rubber an even wear and better durability

Yokohama offers a complete range of tires for cars and minivans in summer, winter, and all-season varieties. Here are some of the main products and features of the Yokohama car tires:

  • Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S tires are high performance all-season tires built for sedans and sports coupes. These tires are engineered for safety, performance handling, and a long life.
  • The summer tires have some extra rubber making contact with the road and provide an enhanced driving experience
  • The all-season tires have some more siping (biting edges) and grooves to grip the snowy roads.
  • Yokohama winter tires are manufactured with the soft rubber compound that grips better in snowy, icy, and slushy conditions.

Yokohama has become a household name in off-road motorsports too. They were able to take much of their racing experience and use it to create the A/T and M/T tires for off-road enthusiasts. You can’t go wrong when you attach A/T and M/T tires from Yokohama to your Jeep or truck. These tires are purpose-built to offer the strength and traction you need when going off-road.

Yokohama has such a large range of tire lineup that you can easily find a reliable tire for your sedan, coupe or truck. We have reviewed a number of Yokohama tires so that you can make a better decision in choosing the right tire.

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