Mickey Thompson Tires Review

Mickey Thomspon tires are high quality, high performance, racing-inspired tires. They offer the look, feel, and performance that off-roaders want. Mickey Thompson himself was a racing legend and he achieved the worldwide fame during the 1960s by becoming the first American to ever break through the 400 mph barrier. He took his Challenger 1 to the Bonneville Salt Flats and hit a record 406.6 mph speed. Thomspon spent years working the off-road and dragster racing circuits that gave enough knowledge related to off-road vehicles. Now his legacy lives on through Mickey Thomspon tires, which are the worthy heritage of this motor racing legend.

Mickey Thompson design majority of its tires for competition but there are many all-terrain tires that are used as everyday tires. They can be used for commutes, weekend trips, and any off-road escapade you feel like taking. The Sportsman S/T tires are great for muscle cars, coming in a range of sizes and with iconic white letter sidewall styling. Every single Mickey Thompson manufacturing has years of experience behind it and has earned the large and loyal following for their tires. Fans usually love MT for its looks, performance, and dependability it offers for both on-road and off-road conditions.

Mickey Thompson tires mud-terrain tires are tailor-made for off-road conditions. They are designed for mud, rock climbing, dirt, and sand, and are sure to get you through anything you need them to. Their tread compounds, deep lugs, and 3-ply casing ensure you have the durability and traction you need to get through any terrain. Their M/T tires come with large lugs and strong sidewalls that give the tires protection against impact, some extra pulling power and, the aggressive looks.

Mickey Thompson offers a range of A/T and M/T tires that are available in a wide range of sizes. Read our reviews below to select your favorite truck tire.

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