Mastercraft Tires Review

Mastercraft is owned by the Cooper which is one of the biggest tire companies in the United States. Mastercraft tires are cheaper than Cooper flagship tires but are manufactured with the same quality and standard. The Cooper Tire Company is dedicated to ensuring that tires from Mastercraft go above and beyond when it comes to reliability and performance. Some of the tire technology in Coopers flagship tires is also used with the less costly Mastercraft Tires, e.g. R-Tech sidewall tech for responsive handling is used in some Mastercraft Courser family tires. The high standards set by Cooper gives a peace of mind that Mastercraft tires are also durable, safe, and have good tread life.

Mastercraft’s tire lineup mainly consists of mid-range car, truck, SUV, crossover, sports, and winter tires.

Mastercraft Passenger Car Tires

A highlight of the Mastercraft Tire range is the Avenger Touring LSR Tire, which has H, T, and V speed ratings for every kind of economy sedan and compact car. The Avenger is a good value tire with long tread life. The Avenger G/T is built for performance cars. The cheapest Mastercraft tire is the A/S IV tire and is a great fit for those on a tight budget. If you’re looking for a premium ride with more mileage for a new sedan, then you should try the Mastercraft LSR Grand Touring tire. Click on the links below to read our in-depth reviews.

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Mastercraft Truck and SUV Tires

There are over a dozen different tread patterns in the Mastercraft Courser tire family, which come in hundreds of sizes. The Courser HSX Tour, in particular, is a great all-season, high performance, fuel-efficient highway tire. There’s also the Mastercraft Courser AXT tire, which provides reliable off-road grip that works just as well on the highway. The Mastercraft Courser MXT is a rugged tire that offers the traction you need for muddy, sandy, and rocky trails. Mastercraft offer the Glacier-Grip II and the Courser MSR tire, both of which are designed for SUVs and have full-depth spikes and zig-zags to give them the extra traction needed for snowy and icy roads.

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