Yokohama Avid Touring-S Review

Yokohama has been manufacturing Avid Touring-S tires for compact cars and full-size sedans. Touring-S are all-season tires designed with the aim to provide you a comfortable ride in all weather conditions.

Avid Touring-S Features

  • Yokohama’s proprietary Tri-plex Tread Compound that grips better for all-season traction and reduces the wear for longer tread life.
  • Symmetrical tread design for easier rotation of tires.
  • Slick central rib offers better straight-line dry road traction and reduces pattern noise.
  • Large circumferential grooves along with longitudinal grooves etched in the tread for water evacuation and improve wet traction.
  • Straight Sipes on the intermediate ribs offer biting edges to boost traction in winter and light snow.
  • Sidewall features hard rubber insert to dampen bumps and vibrations from the road for a comfortable ride.

Avid Touring-S Road Test

Yokohama AVID Touring S 205 60 R16Comfort and Tire Noise Review

Divers usually look for comfort and good ride quality, when buying touring tires, and Avid Touring-S tires deliver on these features. They offer minimal tread pattern noise at an average speed on asphalt roads. There are some small booming noises when the tire hits a larger impact, but that is it. There is a noticeable level of sound suppression, and you are sure to notice the quieter ride when using these tires. While there is some noise on the highway at high speeds, the tires are generally quiet during a regular city drive.

On top of this, the Tri-Plex tread compound the tire is made from provides additional comfort during a ride. The internal nylon structure of the tires reduces the impact of the road without affecting grip and traction. The tires absorb vibrations from the road for a comfortable, smooth ride.

Avid Touring-S tires are also comfortable when going over speed bumps, but they can let some of the imperfections on the road surface travel to the driver over larger impacts.

Handling and Traction Review

These are touring tires and not the performance tires so don’t expect anything special from them. They have decent straight line traction on dry and wet. You can rely on the braking as well and the car would stop at the safe distance on wet roads. They also have decent cornering stability on a wet road but you have to be careful with the speed. If the tires are pushed hard they will be slippery and lose the balance while cornering.

Overall touring-s will give you decent handling and traction if installed on cars which don’t demand much performance from their tires like Odyssey, Corolla, Civic etc. Plus they are mid-priced touring tires and Yokohama designed them for a comfortable and quiet ride.

Snow Performance Review

The tires offer good performance in light snow but may struggle with deeper snow. The cornering is good on snow and ice, providing a solid bite when turning in and fighting against understeer. While it might be easier than you would like for the rear end to come loose with these tires, it at least recovers quite well.

While Avid Touring-S tires perform well with snowy conditions, their performance in ice is a little lacking. If you regularly drive on icy roads then we would have to recommend finding a dedicated winter tire for your vehicle. The Touring-S tires are also not recommended for places where heavy snowfall is the norm. This tire can definitely get you through any light snowfall or light winter though, and definitely get you through changing seasons.

Can Yokohama Touring-S fit my Car?

avid touring s tire

The tires come in trim sizes between 14 and 17 inches, and they are primarily used with passenger vehicles. They are made in widths ranging from 175 – 235 mm, with aspect ratios of 50 – 70. Yokohama designed Avid Touring-S tire primarily for compact and full-size sedans. They are suitable to fit on any kind of passenger car, but may not be a good fit for SUV, Crossover, or load carrying vehicle.

The majority of the tires come with a speed rating of S and T, which basically means they are good for speeds up to 112-118 MPH. That’s enough for an average passenger vehicle. Some models of the tire, available in a range of sizes, are rated up to H (130 MPH).

All in all, the Yokohama Avid Touring-S tire is suited for most makes and models of cars. There will only be a few rare cases where it isn’t a good fit. You can also put your car details in Tirerack or Discounttire website to check the optimum size of your car’s tire.

Tread Life and Tire Warranty

Yokohama offers a 5 year/50K mile warranty on Touring-S with the same front and rear sizing. Warranty is reduced to half for different sized rear tires. Be sure to check the details just in case you do run into problems with tread life.

The main thing you can do to make your tires live longer is to get them balanced properly on a regular basis, ideally every 10,000 miles. You can expect to get between 40,000 to 50,000 from these tires, depending on the way you drive, where you drive, and how often you get them rotated and maintained.

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