Mastercraft SRT Touring Review

Mastercraft SRT is the touring all-season tires designed for compact cars and also full-size sedans. These are mid-range priced tires primarily aimed for the consumers who are looking for the smooth and comfortable ride. In our Mastercraft SRT Touring review, we have found the tire has both pros and cons. Read our detailed review below to find out more.

Features of the SRT Touring Tire

  • 5-rib tread pattern with 20% more lateral grooves compared to the previous Mastercraft touring models for increased traction in wet and snow.
  • Alternating pitch sequence in the tread-pattern layout to reduce road noise.
  • Four circumferential grooves for water evacuation to provide hydroplaning resistance.
  • Modern tread compound and profile ensure the tire wears evenly and lasts for years.

Mastercraft Touring Road Test

SRT’s Ride Quality and Tire Noise ReviewMastercraft SRT Touring Review

When someone buys touring tires they are generally looking for tires that provide comfort and solid ride quality. These are two fronts that SRT Touring tires deliver on. They generate a minimal amount of noise at average speeds on asphalt roads. The sound suppression is noticeable with the alternating pitch sequence in the tread pattern.

At the same time, SRT Touring can produce noticeable noise when driving at high speeds on the highway. The noise levels are not very loud that would bother the driver and passengers. Road noise coming into the car cabin is normal at high speed with most touring tires. However, if you are conscious about noise then there are certainly other touring tire brands that are quieter but also expensive at the same time.

The tires offer a smooth ride for a straight line no matter how fast your car is going. These SRT tires are also comfortable when going over small bumps, but the impact from something larger may travel up to the driver.

SRT Handling and Traction in Dry and Wet Conditions

The Mastercraft SRT touring tire has a light feel when it comes to steering. The handling isn’t as sporty as it would be with performance-oriented tires. The tires have dry road traction that is good for compact cars and full-size sedans as long as they aren’t pushed to the limit. Don’t forget these aren’t performance tires. They are touring tires and so you shouldn’t expect too much from them. They have good straight-line traction and corner well even at high speed on the dry road.

In wet, they also provide good stability but could slip and skid when pushed hard. There is less confidence in driving these tires at the high speed but at an average speed they grip and corner well. If you remain careful in heavy rain and don’t push these tires to the limit they will offer good traction and also brake well.

Keep in mind that the tires tend to lose their traction and braking during wet conditions when they get worn down. Mastercraft Tires don’t offer a consistent level of performance across their lifetime.

All-in-all, these tires should offer good handling and traction when they are fitted to cars that don’t require high performance from their tires. They are good value touring tires that have been designed to provide a quiet, comfortable ride to drivers.

SRT Snow Review

This is not a good snow Tire. Although SRT touring is marketed as an all-season tire but it’s more like a summer tire than an all-season. The tire would slip and skid even on light snow and would be even worse on icy roads.  It can get you through the winter season if there is no snow. But if you are living in an area with light snow it’s better to buy a touring all-season tire that has good snow traction. In the case of heavy snow, it’s always recommended to go with dedicated winter tires.

Can SRT Touring fit my Car

The tires are available in trim sizes between 14 and 18 inches and are typically installed on passenger vehicles. The SRT Touring tires are made in widths between 175-235mm with an aspect ratio between 50 and 70. They are suited for most types of passenger cars, but wouldn’t be such a good fit for a crossover, SUV, or other load-bearing vehicles.

The majority of Mastercraft SRT Touring tires are made with speed ratings of S and T, which basically means the tires are good for speeds of up to 112-118 MPH. This should be more than enough for the average passenger vehicle. There are other models of the tire that have higher ratings, going up to H (130 MPH).

The tire is made for most makes and models of cars. There are some exceptions where it wouldn’t be a good fit. If you aren’t sure if the tire is good for your car or not, simply input some information about your vehicle into Discounttire or Tirerack to check if they are or not.

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