What’s hot in electric unicycles for 2018

What’s hot in electric unicycles in 2018?

Just like the technology of battery is advancing and so are all kinds of Electric rideable evolving. Electric unicycle offers one of the coolest rides which you might not have yet considered exists. These electric unicycles can be addictive once you start using them and then you just wish technology advances every day to bring out more coolness. However, the electric unicycles need more time for the user to learn unlike time is taken to master electric skateboard or hoverboard. The new technology has increased the versatility, speed, and range of electric unicycles which riders will like.

Below are three of the hot electric unicycles in the market. Get the best from your needs, one which best fits what you wish to enjoy.

1. InMotion V8

InMotion V8 is the hottest of the unicycles which gives one of the awesome rides which works with movement ease. Its speed is great topping in the electric rides list with quite decent mileage. Its motor is so powerful and is capable of running even under quite adverse weather conditions. It comes with a handlebar which enables the user to pull it around offering portability. The unicycle is easy and simple to master which includes simple steps included in the training guide for beginners.

Pros of InMotion V8

  • Very powerful such that the unicycle can run 20 miles in an hour at the top speed.
  • It has a very strong motor which enables it to cover good mileage without time loss or any hassle.
  • V8 offers a very smooth ride despite cracks and light bumps on roads.
  • It comes with customized effect of lighting, nice acoustics, and good performance.

Cons of V8

  • Great power implies greater responsibility whereby to avoid getting injured you should use high speeds on areas well paved. This makes it not so good for use in off-road conditions.
  • Once its battery is at 20%, the unicycle bogs down signaling you that it has few lies for you to cover.

2. Swagtron’s Swagroller

Swagroller is a modern-looking as well as self-balancing trendy electric unicycle. The unicycle comes with a kit for beginners which is so easy to understand and use. It has training wheel accessories which enable users to gain confidence and strength of the riding. The speed of Swagroller unicycle is excellent and is resilient to climate such that it performs very well in hard terrain which is also enabled by the unicycle’s dual unique wheel design. Its also a cheap option compared to the features it offers.

Pros of Swagtron’s Swagroller

  • It is simple and easy to understand and use
  • The unicycle features all-terrain powerful wheels
  • It can be sued anywhere even where roads are bumpy giving you the same comfort
  • It’ss worth the money spent on

Cons of Swagroller

  • The unicycle cannot be used by anybody at any age. Kids below ten years of age cannot be accommodated
  • It comes with no seat but a retractable handle which can be used as retractable seat


3. Segway One

Pros of S1 Segway one

  • Compact and small such that it can even fit inside a backpack make it easy to carry during travel.
  • It has a great application which controls all settings including the running condition of the unit.
  • It comes with an awesome design for the user to make choices from as per personal flare and taste.
  • Offers excellent mileage in roads which are well paved.
  • It includes learning stages for mastering without using training wheels.

Cons of S1 Segway One

  • The unicycle struggles in hard terrain
  • Mastering riding the unicycle at full speed is quite difficult.

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