Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 Review

Mickey Thompson has always been known for designing high performing and functional tires. The expertise continues with their complete line of Baja Series LT radial tires. ATZ P3 is an extreme all-terrain truck tire with a mud terrain carcass and an all-terrain tread cap-stock. It falls in the category of hybrid tires designed for off-road adventures, along with smooth and comfortable on-road performance. Let’s see in our Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 review if they really live up to the expectations?

Baja ATZ P3 Road Test

Highway and Street Performance Review

Excellent Dry and Wet Road Traction

Baja ATZ P3 Tread Blocks

The Baja ATZ P3 features an extra-wide footprint and large tread blocks for great all-around traction. It also has reinforced silica technology which provides the extra grip required on wet roads. The wide circumferential grooves, near the outside shoulders, helps to evacuate water and prevents any tire slip or hydroplaning.

Superior Steering Response

There are situations on the highway where you need to make an emergency evasive maneuver at high speed. The light truck tires should be responsive and sturdy enough to keep the vehicle balanced in an emergency lane change.

ATZ P3 tires have PwerPly 3-Ply sidewall construction which bears the extra stress and is responsive to steering inputs. You can see in the below video, SUV with ATZ P3 tires was very responsive and immediately corrected itself on the emergency lane change compared to other tires.

These tires have equally good steering response and cornering stability in wet conditions. They can corner and maintain the grip on wet and slippery roads.

Low Tire Noise and Comfortable Ride

ATZ P3 has large lugs but in comparison to mud-terrain, they are quite close to each other. This helps in keeping the tires quieter on the road in daily driving.

Off-Road Performance Review

Good Traction on Dirt, Sand, Mud, and Snow

Baja ATZ P3 tread has tough looking four lug pattern like mud terrain tires. The lugs are big and have a relatively larger void ratio than other A/T tires. The smaller void ratio or the gaps between the tread blocks on most A/T tires means that muddy dirt and snow can build up in the tread and reduce tire grip. Baja ATZ P3 features a groove design which improves self-cleaning and improves traction on mud and snow.

Dependable on Rocks and Climbing Hills

Wrangler Jeep with ATZ P3 tires climbing rocks

The sidewalls of Baja ATZ P3 features side biters that were developed quite a while ago on previous Mickey Thompson products. These aggressive deep side biters provide good traction on side slopes, rocks, and other situations where the traction of the sidewall makes a big difference. The outer voids of the ATZP3 feature stone ejectors to keep rocks from getting lodged inside the tread and also provides good cut and chip resistance.

Best Puncture Resistance

Baja ATZ P3 Sidewall Design

The sidewalls also feature what Mickey Thompson refers to as the PowerPly 3-ply sidewall construction. There are a lot of three-ply sidewall products on the market but what makes Mickey Thompson’s power ply different is you have two plies that take the shortest path possible from bead, like a traditional radial tire, but the third ply is bias angle. So, if the tire gets an impact when you’re off-roading with a regular 3-ply or 2-ply, that force is going to be transferred to just the plies that are in that area. But ATZP3’s wrangled third ply is going to transfer the force to a much wider area and so a better puncture resistance.

Stronger sidewall also gives better traction when you do air down at the trailhead and protect against anything coming in contact with it.

Should you Buy Mickey Thompson P3 Tire?

One of the big selling features of mud-terrain tires is the aggressive look of the tire. The Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ all-terrain tire looks much more like an M/T than an A/T, that’s why it’s loved by the hardcore 4×4 crowd.

We would highly recommend this tire to the daily drivers who like off-road adventures but needs to drive their 4WD to work on asphalt most days.

Compare Online Prices

Price will vary with what diameter and wheel size that you’re looking to roll with, but these start at around $190. The price on this will land itself in the higher end of the spectrum right under the NIDA Ridge and the Exo Grappler because of the well-built design that MT creates here.

Tread Life, Warranty and Tire Specifications

Mickey Thompson is so confident in their construction that they give a 40,000 mile treadwear warranty on this tire. The tread features a state-of-the-art compound with a high amount of silica that’s going to provide great tread wear. Since it’s symmetrical tire it can be easily rotated in any direction. You can expect a tread life of 40,000 miles plus from ATZP3, provided they are rotated and balanced regularly.

ATZ P3 sizes feature 18.5 30 seconds of tread depth. Available in LT sizes ranging from 31” 10.50R15 up to 37” 12.50R20.

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