Federal 595 RS-RR Review

The 595 RS-RR is the ultra-high-performance track (also street legal) tire by Federal. It comes with a very sticky compound that delivers incredible tractions, cornering handling.

Federal RS-RR Track Test595 rs-rr nissan 370z review


The tire offers high levels of grip like true ultra high-performance tires. You can corner at high speed with full confidence that the tire won’t let go. It makes you feel like you’re driving a racing car with how aggressively you can handle your car on the track. The steering is also very responsive, you can turn the wheels with your wrist.

The tires take some time before the traction starts to kick in. If you take it on the track just make a practice run to get the heat in RS-RRs to prevent them from slipping. One run should be enough to get them hot enough for all other sessions. They will perform well even in the fourth lap just like the first one and the excessive heat doesn’t affect the performance. RS-RR can maintain their grip across the entire 30-minute session and continues to perform.

RS-RR Vs Direzza ZII Starspec, Hankook RS3/RS4, Bridgestone RE71R, and the BFGoodrich Rival S

federal 595 rs-rr tread featuresWe’ll be focusing on the main competition of 200 treadwear tires for our review. We want to add that this comparison is very subjective and could vary from driver to driver. In our opinion, RS-RRs are faster than ZII and RS3 or RS4. RS-RR have good road feedback and incredible once they get heated up. They give alot of traction in a straight line or at the corner. So, you will enjoy these more than ZIIs or Hankooks and can get faster lap times.

That said, the BFGoodrich Rival S and RE71R are faster than RS-RR. They are better able to take steering input and can corner faster. They simply beat RS-RR in the road feedback and at the corner. The cornering is very speedy, and the tires tend to correct themselves really fast. Rival S and RE71R can definitely give a faster time lap and needs less time to get the traction.

595 RS-RR in Daily Driving

Tire Noise595 rs-rr on alloy rim

RS-RRs are the noisiest tires ever you could own. The hum gets loud and can occasionally reach the point where you’re convinced that something is wrong with the car; like a wheel bearing has come off or something. This is something to be aware of if you are looking to purchase RS-RR for your car. It’s going to be a real nuisance if you do alot of highway driving. The passengers traveling with you would also complain about how loud these tires are.


It’s not only the tire noise that is troubling but the stiff ride is also a concern. They wouldn’t soften even small bumps on the road and you will feel every pothole and bump right in the cabin. The ride is really stiff because of the stiff sidewalls for responsive handling. If you really want to use track tires in the daily drive then get ready to lose the comfort of your ride on streets and uneven highways.

Performance in Wet Conditions

RS-RR is an extreme performance track tire made to excel in dry. This extreme dry road performance comes at the cost of wet grip. They are of no good on wet roads and can hydroplane easily. The best thing you can do when it’s raining is to drive very slow on these tires. They can slip, skid and braking would be like stopping a car on ice. The tires lack water evacuation channels and grooves to provide any wet traction. This is a dilemma with extreme performance tires that they cannot be good in everything. If there is an extreme performance in one category the other category suffers. In Federal RS-RR case, it’s the tires performance in wet which is extremely poor.

Is RS-RR the right tire for me

The tires are great for people looking for more performance than they would get with summer tires – such as the Federal ST-1 – but want to be able to drive through the streets. They are a great 80% track and 20% street tire, but they aren’t recommended for only daily driving and mild use. The RS-RR is built with stiffer sidewalls that lead to a harsher ride, increased tire noise, a reduced treadwear rating, and better dry grip at the cost of grip in wet conditions.