Cordovan Tires Review

Cordovan Tires is a Personal company that uses the Private Brands Division of TBC to distribute tires. TBC’s Private Brands Division the marketing company for personal tire brands in North America.

Recently TBC’s Private Brands Division was ranked number one of those groups performed by Independent Tire Dealers. Cordovan offers tires for many kinds of tires such as passenger, performance, SUV, and Light Truck. Highway Commercial tires can also be provided, such as ST Radial bias and radial truck, and trailer. Cordovan produces agricultural and skid steer tires for farms, backhoes, and skid steer.

Cordovan does not specialize in only automobile tires. Off-the-road tires such as: for Garden and Lawn, ATV, Forklift, and Industrial OTR Bias and specialty tires. Four types of tires are manufactured including Touring All-Season, Passenger All-Season Luxury Touring T/H/V, and Value All Season.

Cordovan currently offer the following categories of passenger vehicles:

High-Performance Tires are also provided including Premium Ultra High Performance, Premium High-Performance All-Season, Performance, White Letter Performance, and Ultra High Performance.

See the list below for their extensive range of performance tires:

Ten Kinds of tires are offered for Light Trucks, a few of those tire options include Premium All Terrain, All Position/All Terrain Premium Highway All-Season, and Value All Position.

The Cordovan Grand Prix Tour RS is a choice for All-Season Touring Tires. The Grand Prix Tour RS is T, H, and V rated with several sizes to choose from. This tire uses design techniques to make it a tire that hugs the road in all of the elements. The Grand Prix Tour RS has a center rib using a multi-element blading that improves handling and steering response. Wide Circumferential grooves and Cross Channels were added to provide water evacuation to reduce potential hydroplaning. A tread design was incorporated to increase traction to allow for all season use. The Grand Prix Tour RS was precision engineered for even tread wear and an extended life. The tire tread depth is great for snow road traction. A 60,000-mile tread-life warranty for its T-rated, and 50,000-mile warranty for the H and V rated tires backs the Cordovan Grand Prix Tour RS.

The Sceptor G/P326R is an Ultra-High-Performance tire that uses innovative technology to provide performance that is superior to the tire. An Advanced Directional Tread Design creates a utopia of superior acceleration, cornering, and braking power. A center rib design gives the tire more stability, enabling it to work with a greater response with minimal sound at high speeds. This tire is magnificent to look at, with a sidewall that gives the tire a performance appearance.

Cordovan produces a tire for Light Trucks and SUV’s, Wild Spirit Radial SUV. This tire is innovative technology, and a Premium-Highway-SUV/Light Truck Tire that has become very popular because of its great guarantee. The tire has a design tread wear, backed by a 65,000 mile, 60-month mileage warranty. Cordovan Tires are manufactured with manufacturing standards and superior quality.

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