Cordovan Passenger Tires

We have summarized Cordovans passenger tire models in a handy list below. Cordovan offers four different types of passenger tires, ranging from touring to all-season tires.

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Tour Plus LS


From cutting-edge component technology to premium visual appeal, the Tour Plus features an impressive integration of innovative construction and aesthetic enhancements designed with a singular goal in mind…to refine and enhance your driving experience.

  • Modern asymmetrical layout with ventless technologies for year-round functionality and superior look
  • Silica-enhanced tread compound for superior winter and wet grip
  • Computer enhanced audio quality system provides ultra quiet ride
  • Variable Progressive Siping (VPS) offers prolonged all-weather functionality and enhanced worn tire appearance
  • 80,000-Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (T-Rated Products)
  • 60,000-Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (H & V-Rated Products)
  • Free replacement initial 50 percent of treadwear for workmanship and material
  • Free roadside assistance available
 Grand Prix Tour RS


The new creation of an all-season scooter, combining exceptional quality using an extremely efficient all-weather vacationing design. The Grand Prix Tour RS packs ride relaxation, weatherproof grip and enhanced handling to make our best tire worth. Designed for the modern sedans, compact cars, and minivans.

  • T, H & V-Rated sizing for the popular vehicle fitments
  • Technology-driven tread design for exceptional all-weather performance
  • Precision engineered for even wear and extended run life
  • Full-depth siping for lasting snow and wet traction
  • Notched center rib with multi-element blading for enhanced steering and handling response
  • Low rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency
  • 60,000-Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (T-Rated Products)
  • 50,000-Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (H & V-Rated Products)
Centron All-Season


Centron, the all-season passenger tire that provides long mileage and dependability in just about any sort of weather. Designed for any sedan, hatchback, SUV or minivan.

  • All Season Tread Style For Outstanding Year-Round Grip
  • Dual Tread Compound For Slower Wear And Improved Durability
  • Variable Tread Element Sequence For A Smooth And Quiet Ride
  • 50,000-Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty



Duration Classic A/S

Dependable and affordable all-season performance. The Duration Classic A/S features appealing white sidewall styling and 12 popular 70/75 series sizes.

  • All Season Tread Style For Dependable Handling and Traction
  • White Sidewall
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • M & S rated for yearlong performance capacity
  • Affordably priced

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